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Hoffman Estates, IL

Project Size
149+ acres 

Scope of Work
The Hoffman Estates Park District retained the services of Marchris Engineering, Ltd. to assist them in order to resolve the extensive flooding problems that existed within the Poplar Creek Country Club and to determine the most cost effective solution to resolve this situation.  The Country Club experienced severe flooding conditions due to improper drainage within the golf course that affects not only play but more importantly the financial stability of the Country Club.

The golf course was constructed in the 1970’s and has had flooding problems since its inception.  The Schaumburg Branch of Poplar Creek meanders through the golf course bringing a tributary area that drains approximately 2 square miles through the golf course.

Marchris Engineering, Ltd. utilized a 2-Phase process with the engineering aspects of this project.  The first phase included utilizing current Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) data that is contained in the Flood Insurance Study (FIS) for the Schaumburg Branch of Poplar Creek.  Based on the creek profile and available topographic data, it was determined that the golf course could be flood proofed within the budget set forth by the Hoffman Estates Park District.  The second phase of the project included the detailed analysis required to obtain permitting from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Office of Water Resources (IDNR OWR). 

The project included:

- Verifying that the data provided by FEMA correctly produced the profile within the Flood Insurance Study.  The FEMA data was utilized to prepare the HEC-2 analysis showing the historic backwater model.  This was needed to verify that the data received from FEMA reflected the regulatory floodplain and floodway.

- Topographic data meeting the FEMA horizontal and vertical datum requirements for flood insurance studies needed to be obtained and verified.

- Utilizing the existing topographic data for this area, Marchris Engineering, Ltd. prepared a HEC-RAS backwater analysis to determine the profiles with the crossing elements modeled.  

- The overall development plans were then modeled using revised cross-sections to allow for the removal and replacement of certain bridges, the flood proofing of 1/6 of the golf course that would halt play, and a proposed access bridge to accommodate a new driveway into the Country Club.

-  A floodway analysis and a floodway impact study was completed and forwarded to the IDNR OWR for review and permitting.

- The overall process involved working closely with the Hoffman Estates Park District, the Village of Hoffman Estates, the MWRDGC, and the IDNR OWR to provide a smooth and reasonable permitting and construction process.