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Wheeling, IL

Project Size
8± acres

Scope of Work
The project consisted of a large church sanctuary as well as associated classrooms.  The site improvements consists of the access facilities, parking facilities, appropriate fire lanes and fire truck access surfaces, storm water detention facilities, sanitary utilities, watermain facilities, and storm sewer and drainage facilities.  The project was designed to incorporate the overall detention requirements and provide for future expansion capabilities of the church property.  Both the sanitary sewer and watermain were required to be installed via directional bore under the County right-of-way along the northern boundary line of the property.  

Challenges for the project included approximately 45% of the property was within the 100-Year floodplain during existing conditions.  Through appropriate engineering, the floodplain areas were limited to certain low points and the detention basin.  This would allow for the overall future expansion.  The directional bore of the 8-inch ductile iron watermain and the 8-inch PVC ductile iron sanitary sewer required the detailed location of all utilities under the County right-of-way.