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Chicago, IL

Project Size
24± acres

Scope of Work
This project consisted of a multi-phase shopping center total redevelopment and reconstruction.  Marchris Engineering, Ltd. was responsible for the site planning, parking lot design, total utility reconstruction and new utility placement, new storm water management analysis, construction of appropriate storm water detention facilities, phasing for the development, and extensive construction engineering throughout the multi-year process.  The project involved the rehabilitation of the southern portion of the large shopping center building and demolition of the northern portion of the original shopping center building.  A Lowes big box home improvement center was constructed on the site as well as additional outlot buildings to the north and to the west.  Phasing of the development was required due to the relocation of tenants in the original shopping center to the newly constructed outlot buildings within the project.  The utility design had to eliminate disruption to the utility service of the buildings as well as to the parking lot area.

The challenges for this project included designing stormwater detention for an existing shopping center.  The shopping center was originally constructed in 1956 and included no detention facilities.  The reconstructed portion of the shopping center needed to have underground detention provided as part of the development.  In order to reduce costs, an existing basement of the demolished building was utilized for the underground detention facilities.  In addition, the existing parking facility to the south utilized depressional areas to provide detention.

As the reconstruction of the shopping center was undertaken, the various needs of tenants and the owner were modified during the construction process.  Marchris Engineering, Ltd. modified the design as needed to provide for these changing requirements.  This work required extensive site review and close coordination with the general contractor, shopping center owner, the City of Chicago Department of Water Management and permitting agencies for this facility.