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Aurora, IL

Project Size
8± acres

Scope of Work
This project included the preparation of subdivision plans of an 8-acre commercial subdivision bounded by three (3) City roadways.  The south and east roadways, Montgomery and Waterford, respectively, are arterial roadways with a signalized intersection.  Access roadways were provided on all three (3) existing City roads.  Montgomery Road was completely reconstructed from the signalized intersection west along the full frontage of the property plus 500 feet to allow for appropriate tapering to the exiting roadway facilities.  Additional lanes were installed along the full frontage of the property.  The challenges with this project included geometric design to meet the appropriate intersection lane widths, maintaining appropriate cross slopes for the reconstructed roadway, maintaining appropriate 100-Year overflow conditions from Waterford across the frontage of the property (without impacting any roadway drainage) to the detention facilities located at the eastern portion of the subdivision.